Hartley 28
 28' (8.69m) auxiliary yacht or motor-sailer.
 For construction in plywood or as a mould for grp/frp.
 Beam 9'6". Relatively cheap and easy to build proven ocean sailer.
 Draught with single keel 5'6". Draught as a centreboarder plate up 2'9",  plate down 6'9" and as a bilge keeler 3'2". Accommodation is 6 berths, galley and separate wc. Relatively easy and cheap to construct for a sailing vessel of this size, uses only 28 sheets of ply. The '28' is a well tried and proven design, one of the first built (with bilge-keels), sailed single handed 1200 miles from Fiji to New Zealand.
 Takes engines from 10 to 30hp. 
Hartley 28 in an Australian port 
 Hartley 28 with an amateur modified cabintop
 Click HERE for interior pictures of a 'Hartley 28'
 This picture shows a Hartley 28 used for ocean voyaging (picture taken after crossing the Pacific).
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