Husky 10'6" or 11'3"
10'6" (3.2m) plywood economy dinghy (can be built at 11'3"). A car-top dinghy that is a planing hull, will tow skis with 18hp or over. Planes with a 10hp. A small seagull will push her for fishing etc. Can be towed at over 20mph, and her 5' beam gives her ample stability for children to play in. Can be built with or without foredeck.Weighs approx 80lbs. Plans contain a main materials list as well as full size frame patterns.
 Click HERE for pictures of a 'Husky 10'6" in action as built by Glenn Angus of Australia
 Husky 10'6" adapted by David Filbeck in Thailand click HERE
Husky 11'3" adapted by Robert Darmanin in Malta click HERE
 Husky built at 11'3"
 Husky for rowing or outboard motor, with foredeck fitted
 This Husky has a cut-out in the transom for a short-shaft motor 
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