Often referred to as 'concrete', which is a misnomer, in reality it is steel reinforced plaster (SRP). Introduced more than 200 years ago for boatbuilding (there are still surviving craft almost that age).

 The cheapest and easiest form of construction for boats over 25'.

 No previous experience is required.

 Can be built outside without cover.

The world renowned Hartley web-frame construction method

superior for strength and ease of fitting out (is copied by many).

 Mistakes and damage are easily repaired.

 Lowest level of on-going maintenance.

 No specialist tools required.

Apart from strip plank construction it is the only viable method for

building large round-bilge boats economicaly within amateur capability.

 It is estimated that more than 80% of all amateur owner built monohull boats that have made extended ocean voyages, are of ferro-cement construction.

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Above a Hartley 'Norsk 40' being constructed, and below under sail.

Below a Hartley 'Searaker 37' being constructed and completed.