Flareline 16
 15'6" (4.72m) high speed ski boat or rough water cabin cruiser.
 Beam 7'5". Seats 8 adults. Can be launched by one man from a trailer.
 Can be towed behind a family car. A skeg keel for more protection can be fitted. Weight without engine 670lbs.
Outboard Engine Version.... Will take single or twin engines up to 100hp.
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 Using the standard plans for the hull only the two pictures
show the Flareline 16 built as a centre-console open boat 
Open version with outboard, front view.
 rear view
Inboard Engine Version....will take engines 50 to 250hp.
36hp direct drive gives 15mph (with outdrive 22mph). 185hp will give 42 mph.
Inboard engine version with jet unit
 Inboard version with a jet installation
 Cabin version with inboard engine installation
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