Plywood / Wood

Plywood is the most popular method of amateur boat construction.

For the double layer plywood construction method

of 'round bilge boats', see the 'Westhaven 32' sailboat.



 14' (Australia)

 42' (Tanzania)

 Material costs are moderate except for some of the hard woods. Modern plywoods using epoxy glued laminates, and the use of epoxy sealer systems has extended the life of plywood craft well beyond GRP/FRP. Hartley plywood designs with our easy construction methods, and full size frame patterns, enable a professional styled craft to be finished to professional standards by amateurs. Small or large boats, they are all the same, only the time and cost factor varies. Construction must be undertaken under cover.

Plywood is easy for the amateur to repair when damaged.


 Hartley boats are built in six basic stages. 1/ make the strongback (building frame), as the base for building the boat on. 2/ make the frames, stem and rim pieces using the full size frame patterns. 3/set all up on the building frame as shown and attach stringers, sheer etc. 4/attach the plywood sheeting. 5/ finish and attach further fittings etc (any deck and cabin tops in the same manner with beams made using full size patterns provided). 6/ fit out, prepare and paint.