Spearfish 12
 12'6" (3.81m) high speed fun/fishing dinghy.
 For construction in plywood or as a mould for grp/frp.
 Beam 5'3". Plans give inboard engine and outboard versions.
 Seats 6 adults.
 Spearfish can be rowed or used with a motor 
 Spearfish planing under power
 Outboard Engine Version....Weight 180lbs. Draught 6". Tows skis.
 Engines up to 35hp. Speeds up to 32mph.
 Richard Macfarlane's Spearfish uses an older 25hp motor for pulling a water ski with ease. 
 An almost completed Spearfish modified by it's amateur owner/builder as a centre-console version
  Inboard Engine Version....Draught 1'6". Weight 200lbs. Air cooled,  light marine, or stationary engines up to 20hp. Speeds up to 30mph.
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