Wood Strip-plank

A good method for amateur construction of round bilge hulls in wood.

Our ferro-cement designs can easily be adapted to strip-plank construction.


 Hartley 'Tahitian 27' built in wood strip-plank

 The expertise of forming and fitting planks as in carvel or clinker planked wooden hulls is not needed. The hull is formed by using thin strips of approx 1" thickness, which are then glued and edge nailed to each other to skin the hull. The introduction of epoxy glues has simplified this process dramatically. Material costs are not prohibitive, although hardwood is used it can be machined from short or off-cut lengths. The framework of the hull can either be made of wood, laminated plywood, or fabricated from steel or aluminium, of either angle or strip. The latter known as 'composite strip-plank construction'.

 Details of strip-plank construction method are supplied with our plans on request