Vixen 24

 23' (7.11m) 'deep V' fast cabin sports/fisherman boat.
 For construction in plywood or as a mould for grp/frp
 Beam 8'. Outboards, Inboards, inboard/outdrive or jet unit powered.
 Weight without motor 2,000lbs. Plans show either long or short cockpit. Cabin sleeps 4 in short cockpit version and 2 in long cockpit one.
  Long cockpit version with purpose raised cockpit sole
 Extended cabin-top version
 Takes outboard motors from 55hp upwards and inboards from 100hp.
 Fully fitted out with 3 adults aboard will do 32mph with 125hp outboard.
 Will tow skis with 80hp or more outboard motor.
 Click Here for more pictures of this Vixen 24 built in England.
 As a high speed cabin cruiser
 Vixen 24 modified by the builder from the standard plans and
 adapted to aluminium construction, with altered rounded bow and custom design wheelhouse
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