Boat Plans

Boat plans from Hartley Boats deliver more than just the excellently crafted plans and documents needed to build your own boat, they also deliver the opportunity to fulfil your dream of building, owning and sailing your own sail boat.


Select the style of boat you wish to build. We currently stock over 50 different plans, many with variations to choose from:

We have boat plans that can be built in plywood, wood, grp/frp/fibreglass, steel, aluminium, and ferro-cement. Check out our Construction Methods page for information on choosing the right method for your chosen boat and your level of expertise.


All Hartley boats (except Samson C-type) come with full size patterns, so you don’t have to loft-out. Samson C-type boat plans come with offset tables and line drawings.


There are detailed study packs available for most boat plans. Click through to an individual product where you will see the study pack listed in the description.


Please review the Copyrights and Licensing page so you understand what you are buying when you purchase a Hartley Boat plan.


After-sales help and advice is available on all products, just contact us!