Copyrights and Licensing

When you purchase a boat plan, book, or guide from us it’s important that you know what you’re buying. This page describes how you can use your purchased Hartley boat plan within the scope of the licence that it is sold under.


In all instances, Hartley Boats retains the copyright of the boat plans, books and guides. This means you are not legally allowed to copy or distribute the boat plans, books or guides to anyone else.


All genuine Hartley Boat plans are only supplied direct by us through our website. Plans from any other source are not legal and avoid our royalties. Plans from any other source will not entitle you to our after-sales service, advice and help.


All Hartley Boat plans have a printed code number on them and our address for contact details for continued free help while you build.

Licence of plans

Once you purchase one of our boat plans, you have purchased a licence to use that plan to construct one (1) boat/item from it. Should you wish to construct multiple boats (2 or more) then you must pay a royalty to use the plans again, as follows:


1. notify us before the build begins. Use the contact form here.

2. pay a royalty fee to us equal to one-third of the currently advertised price.

Books and guides

Hartley published material (books, guides, CDs, website content, other digital material we produce and publish) have been created to assist our customers to have the best experience when constructing their boat project. You are not able to copy or distribute any item without our express written permission. This helps us to ensure that when you use a Hartley product, you know you are getting the genuine article.