Vixen 15

$85.00 (USD)


14’6″ (4.42m) ‘deep V’ high speed open/cabin knockabout. For construction in plywood or as a mould for grp/frp. Beam 7′. Inboard or outboard engine versions.


Outboard engine version takes single or twin units of 40 to 200hp. Tows skis with 40hp up. 40hp will give 24mph, twin 40 gives 33mph. 60hp will give 34mph. 90hp will give 45mph.


Inboard Engine Version takes engines from 60 up to 250hp. Tows skis with 40hp up (inboard/outdrive) or 70hp inboard drive. 60hp direct drive gives 24mph. 100hp direct gives 30mph. 185hp direct gives 45mph.


Reduction drives and inboard/outdrive installations give slightly better performance.


There is also a study pack available for this plan. Click here to view.