Flareline 15

$85.00 (USD)


14’6″ (4.42m) flared-bow open or 2 berth cabin runabout. For construction in plywood or as a mould for grp/frp. Beam 6’9″. This little craft is stable and safe in rough or smooth water.


Tows skis with 25hp outboard or 50hp inboard and over. Will tow easily behind a small car. Weight without motor is 500lbs.


Outboard Engine Version…..Engines up to 100 hp.

10hp gives 15mph.
  18hp gives 20mph.
 28hp gives 24mph.
  40hp gives 30mph.
  75hp gives 37mph.
 100hp gives 45mph.


There is also a study pack available for this plan. Click here to view.